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Interior Decorating


Whether it's a single feature wall that requires paperhanging or a complete makeover of a room, Inside-Out can help.



  • Painting & paint effects

  • Furniture painted

  • Paperhanging

  • Fixing water damage

  • Coving

  • Kitchen units painted



Exterior Decorating


As well as making your property look smart, keeping the paintwork on the outside well maintained will protect your property from water intrusion and timber decay. We take great care to protect your garden at the same time.


  • Masonry painted

  • Fences/sheds/decking and garden furniture treated

  • Metal gates/ballustrades protected

  • Timber painted/stained

  • Rotten timber replacement

  • Gutters cleared


General Carpentry


There is often a call for woodwork to be repaired or replaced, from having the walls replastered or the floor replaced to simply updating old doors for a more modern look.


  • Skirting, architrave, dado and picture rails fitted

  • Doors hung

  • Wooden flooring laid

  • Sash windows freed up

  • Boxing in of pipes

  • Squeeking floorboards fixed/replaced

Small Works


Sometimes on a decorating project you come across a job that needs to be carried out in conjuction with the decorating. Getting individual trades in for small jobs can work out very costly. For example the changing of switches and light fixings. Listed here are an example of some of the small works we undertake:


  • Changing of existing electrical fixings

  • Tiling of small areas like splashbacks

  • Re-glazing wooden windows

  • Fitting new handles/locks to internal doors

  • Guttering repairs & replacements

  • Sealing around baths/sinks

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